What’s new in the kids rooms?

Following the design trends of 2016, pastel colours make for a peaceful baby and child rooms; they bring softness and a childish vibe to any style . Minimalism brought by the Scandinavian designers, also enters the children’s space, and with the right pick of pillows, carpets, and other objects of decor, the room remains very cosy and playful.

bibliotheque-enfant-boutique-balouga-paris.jpgMinimalist bookshelf sold by Beluga.com – source: Elle.fr /

vw-collection  Pastel VW play tent – source: http://fr.smallable.com/5351-vw-collection ($101.25)


NC_Furniture_Catalogue_2014_78a.ashx.jpgScandinavian-style kid’s desk – source: Normann Copenhaguen (http://www.normann-copenhagen.com)


NC_Furniture_Catalogue_2014_77.ashx.jpgScandinavian-style kids furniture – Source: Normann Copenhaguen (http://www.normann-copenhagen.com)


lampe-baladeuse-bocal_avec_playmobil-biche-dinosaure-deco-enfant.pngPastel nightlights by La Tete dans le bocal – Source: joliplace.com


NOGA-Gentle-White-Ambiance-Open_1024x1024.jpgMinimalist, practical, space-saving changing table by Charlie Crane – Source: Shanael.com





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