A Pineapple a day keeps the worries away

pineapple header               Credit: themidwestbride.com via Pinterest


One of the most delightful and fun trends of the season is to bring home the tropics by decorating with pineapples. There are pineapples decorative accents in every shape and sizes, so you can choose to be bold and have pineapple wall or add just a touch of fantasy with cute salt & pepper shakers. Whatever your style, this beautiful fruit will definitely put your brain in a summery mood. Here are my top picks to decorate with pineapples. Spoiler alert: there is a lot of gold in my selection!


impression numerique dore
Golden pineapple print – Source: Westwing.fr



pineapple jar                 Pineapple candle – Source: stylishpetite.com via Pinterest




black pineapple lamp                                                    All black pineapple lamp – Source: westwing.fr
pineapple jars

Pineapple pots – Source: westwing.fr




pineapple lantern                             Pineapple table lamp – Source: Urbanoutfitters.com



pineapple black&white print










Golden pineapple on black and white stripes print –  Source: westwing.fr




pineapple vases                                                    Pineapple vases and and table decor – Source: pizzazzerie.com via Pinterest




pineapple wall                         Golden pineapple decals (comes in 32 colours) – Source: Etsy.com via buzzfeed.com




pineapple shower curtain                Pineapple shower curtain – Source: junique.de
pineapple salt & pepper                                                                                                     Pineapple salt & pepper shakers- Source: worldmarket.com



pineapple pillow                                  Golden pineapples pillow – Source: chicfetti.com



pineapple glass                                                           Vintage pineapple glasses – Source: theneotrad.com


ballard designs sconce                                                                                                         Vintage pineapple sconce – Source: Ballard Designs
target pineapple lamp                     Golden pineapple lamp (other colours available) – Source: Target.com




pineapple glass and shaker

Pineapple tumbler – Source: kellygolightly.com via Pinterest



pineapple night light.jpg               Pineapple night lights in soft pastel colours – Source: alittlelovelycompany.nl