La vie en rose quartz


One of the biggest design trends this year, is blush pink or pantone colour of the year, rose quartz. Although difficult to use to decorate a bachelor pad, it is definitely applicable in a family home or a new couple’s nest. It is obviously perfect in a baby girl’s nursery, or even a girlie girl teen room; spaces where you can allow yourself to be bold with this beautiful and tender colour. This trend has been so successful that it took all spaces by storm, we even saw it in the bathroom and the kitchen.  I have selected for you my favorite rose quartz spaces and decor, whether you choose to be daring or subtle. And if the men of your home are really not big fans, you can always add a touch of this beautiful colour with flowers here and there.

Just because I am obsessed with doors…

446029524819fae785040492b06dd8cb - Copie                                                                                   Source:


La cuisine* en rose quartz

The kitchen is becoming as stylish as any other rooms, and the traditional kitchen colours (wood, silver, chrome, grey, white… ) do not have the monopole anymore. We see more and more non traditional colours in the kitchen and rose quartz is definitely one of them. Whether you choose to have pink cabinets or just a colourful rug, it is definitely refreshing! My only advice: just keep in mind that it should not look like your daughter’s mini kitchen; so first make sure you do pick rose quartz or blush and not a brighter shade of pink and even if you want to be bold, tone it done with more neutral colours and even with metallics.

ROSE KITCHEN SUPERFRONT Pink cabinets with a black countertop and copper hardware – Source:


KITCHEN DECOR  lAUREN CONRAD                                                                    Just a touch of rose with object of decor for a glamour and subtle touch – Source: via Pinterest


711983ac6c51a56ab7a5978db0335e96.jpg                            Source: Bluestar appliance


b110eae3f2736698211a0980eabdd8814ef77ae8 Pink and white cabinets with dark grey countertop. source:



KITCHEN TOUCH OF PINK CEILING AND BRONZE LAMPS                           Rose quartz ceiling and rose gold lamps for a glamour and polished look – Source:


kitchen5              Dark grey and rose quartz rug for a subtle yet refreshing touch – Source:


5ebef65dee7cef6c08699ab20c78364f                                                                                                                    Pink dishwasher in a very modern kitchen and wood cabinets by Smeg UK – Source:


La salle de bain* en rose quartz

The bathroom has often been a space where you can be bolder as it is a more intimate space. You might also have a girl only bathroom, where you can have pink walls and pink curtains; however if you have one bathroom for the whole family, it can be trickier to use rose quartz, so subtlety is definitely key.


2c258e38088c2d9b9ff61582e02d632f                                                                 Pink walls with other pastel colours for a springy and sugary feel all year long! It remains chic and “adult” thanks to the mouldings, the beautiful fireplace and the vintage-style tub and bathtub faucet. Source: House &


Shiny Pink tiles for a glamourous room -Source: Decor Salteado via Pinterest.



4be05cec60a7f0498e02d5cd1993ae0b                              It’s all about accents; rugs, flowers, towels; for a subtle yet trendy use of rose quartz – Source: Credit: Alyssa Rosenheck


df9ff687337cbdbd49283523ff34dc5f - Copie

Girl’s bathroom by Restoration Hardware.


226b34f7d6c731411b6744f3e0bda2b2                                                     Just a subtle touch of blush with flowers and pink bath salt in a see through container. Source: via pinterest.


La salle a manger* en rose quartz

As always, metallics compliment perfectly pink and makes it look more polished and even more glamourous; you can add a beautiful copper chandelier above the table or brass details  and finishes on blush pink dining chairs etc… If you love the trend but would like a less permanent and visible decor, you can always go for tabletop decor with blush and metallic accents; and why not create yummy light pink cocktails for those endless summer dinners.


38829b8236db4c6abf34d3adace45cb5                                        Source: Pinterest


museum_tower_dining_room-640x828  Source:


pantone_2016_frenchbydesign_4   Source: via Pinterest


Screen shot 2011-08-08 at 11.42.06 PM                                                    Dining room design: Suzanne Kasler via


SE COLLECTION STAY CHAIRS                                Stay Chairs by Nika Zupanc for Sé Collection


TABLE DECOR AND PINK DRINK                    Blush  and copper tablescape – Source: via Pinterest.


Le salon en rose quartz

In the family room, rose quartz blends in very well with neutral colours and greys; and as mentioned before metallics are a perfect match. It adds softness to modern and scandinavian style furniture; glamour to more traditional interiors and chic to a more bohemian style home.

fc8ea262cb70f620af4045380e64d5e0                                          Grey + brass details + rose quartz – Source: Living After Midnight Blog



how-to-decorate-with-blush-pink-6            Rose quartz + Lavender – Source:



how-to-decorate-with-blush-pink-9-518x1024 Source:



04eeeabf96c67ad2198978c11ca9e5a7.jpg                Source:



bd3c20680f863335482367757f2f77b7                Source: Living After Midnight Blog



The-Prettiest-Living-Room-Ideas-With-A-Pink-Sofa-440x653                                                      Source:



a9cb021c7a53d507c25c932fa6c74659.jpg                      Source:



450d39401639d942fa017954c855be70       Source: Living After Midnight Blog



34110314d3153de159184ce3d9c1f454               Source: via Pinterest



a06b067196b8cd964020972f86675aa3                         Source:


La chambre* en rose quartz

It is the obvious colour for a girl’s room but not so much for a couple’s bedroom. However, I found some beautiful bedrooms that have rose quartz accents and that can definitely please your partner… If you are a single girl and love this trend, then dare to be bold because it will not be as easy to do it once you’ve found your better half!


9f5a8d3f473e2131a49904f1b8aea0e9                              Teen Girl Bedroom by Restoration Hardware


618fc8380773cb77e519c0d0b6d1bcc0                                   Source:


705a6d2c3277c787b3a9d2fd4ef085df                    Source: via Pinterest


2177bfec76a085e5ecc581b358fbcb79                Copper, white and blush bedroom for fresh and springy feel – Source: via Pinterest


2295320158eab4f7109f3d9d7b5e0084                                       Source: via Pinterest


ad760cb52565a31717c1380f4a5cda71                         Girl’s room with a delicate pink bed frame and lamp shades by Restoration Hardware Baby & Child


aed8cac849696f8223e6789fe6e86876                      Girl’s bedroom with blush pink  beddding by Restoration Hardware Baby & Child



ba482234ea8231f142a9a8268088f638                   Pretty in blush pink baby girl nursery for a delicate and soothing space – Source:



c298855f9996eab619a0961749e64c4b                                                                                                        Source: The French Bedroom Company, UK



11Le-Royal-Monceau-Raffles-Paris              Chic and subtle mix of blush, greys and lavender – Source:Hotel  Royal Monceau, Paris.



ab86a9961137edddcb8ff8e376de5c12              Charcoal, blush and copper for delicate yet not too girly couple’s bedroom – Source: via Pinterest



Le bureau* en rose quartz

Even the office is not spared. If you want to make your home office space more glam and girly; and therefore more inviting, add a touch of blush. Why not also try adding a pillow or just blush pink flowers to your desk at work.

2ac8096a78c55924b85fddfd3e445836                        Source: via Pinterest


50eb2a16ef4d04837ae629b08363a31b                Source: via Pinterest


81e6b27380d59a29b639145afbcd953a                                                                            Source: Amie Corley Design via on Pinterest.


how-to-decorate-with-blush-pink-13                                         Source:



*The Kitchen; *The Bathroom;  *The Dining Room; * The Living Room; *The Bedroom; *The  Office