Dark wooden floors VS Light wooden floors


Credit: Alexander James Interiors via Pinterest

Some will say dark floors are more sophisticated some will say that a lighter shade is more modern and fresh. However, there are pros and cons to both shades, and one should carefully think twice before choosing the colour of the floor; as it will not only determine the style but also the atmosphere. But as everything in art and design, your first factor should be one’s own taste.

. Dark wooden floors:


Credit: Architectural Digest

– Less stainable. You will worry less about dark marks or colored food stains.
– Looks great in sun-filled rooms; it will reflect the sunlight.
– Looks more sophisticated, but you better opt for a satin finish to perfect the look.
– Timeless and versatile; it looks great in both a contemporary interior and a more classic one.
–  Looks great in a large room, open floor plans and houses.                                                    – If your cabinets are of light/natural color, dark floors will stand out.
– Looks better if you have a dark or reddish shade of  wooden furniture and/or cabinetry *


Source: cover.dk / Design : Tina Seidenfaden Busck


– Darkens a room, so better to consider another option if you have poor exposure to natural sunlight.
–  Also not too great in a small space as the space might appear smaller*.
–  Dust and light food stain will be more obvious.
– Although it is less stainable than light hardwood floors, deeper damages such as scratches and dents will be more visible on dark wood.
– Consequently you might need to screen or rebuff and recoat more often than light wooden floors; as dark hardwoood floor tend to look “outdated”if they are not in good condition.

*If reddish-brown wooden furniture and/or cabinets, go for a darker shade of wooden floor; as it will not look so great if the floor matches.

*If you really prefer dark hardwood floors and have a small space, then make sure you go light with the colour of the walls and the furniture. And maybe add a light coloured rug to add brightness.


Credit: Katty Schiebeck via Pinterest


. Light hardwood floor: 



Credit: Elle Decor


– Works wonders in spaces with no natural light; it will make it look brighter.
– Will make a small space look larger; therefore it is perfect in a space with lots of small rooms or in apartments.
– Looks more contemporary  but also looks looks great to perfect a vintage, rustic chic or French country style.
– Adds softness and complements well pastels colours for a shabby chic interior.
– Ages better than darker floors as scratches and dents are less visible on the light wood.


Source: noiretblancunstyle.blogspot.com/ Design: Double G 



– Although it ages better than darker wood floors, it does stain and dark marks will be more obvious.
– It can look “cheap”, if poor quality and colour.
– it does not look so great if you have reddish wood cabinets and furniture.


Worried about resale? 

Again, everyone’s taste is different and I think that as a buyer you see what works best in the space. However, whether you choose to go dark or light; try to avoid red woods, as they tend to look outdated and are therefore harder to please; or you can tone it down by mixing different shades of brown… I usually advise to change the colour to either a very dark shade or grays, if you want to opt for dark wooden floors; or for a very light and natural shade of wood if you opt for light floors. Personally,  I have a crush on natural coloured wooden floors with white stains for a French country chic and authentic style.



Source: homebunch.com via pinterest







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