Boo! My tips to create a Halloween Chic decor



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Personally, I love this time of the year; pumpkins and rich hues start flooding the street and the homes… It certainly is colder outside but somehow the home gets warmer and cosier! It is also a good time to spend times with kids and engage in fun and artsy indoor activities such as pumpkin carving and decorating, baking yummy treats etc… However, as much as I love Halloween and fall decor; I find it sometimes lacking glamour and always revolving around one colour: orange! But we can keep it chic and glamour while still entertaining and fun (and a tiny bit creepy) for the kids! I have gathered the best halloween chic decorations to inspire you to recreate the same “ambiance” at home; I know I will definitely use, mix and match, these inspirations to decorate my home this weekend – After all, Halloween is the best time to dare and be audacious, so don’t forget to keep your decor fun and spooky; happy Halloween!


1/ Skull home decor are dark and definitely a trendy Halloween decor

  • Ralph Lauren has been creating skull themed items for a while and they are definitely a posh and rock n’ roll addition to your halloween decor – Bonus point: It is trendy all year long, so in a way, worth the price (or so I told my hubby).


Source: Ralph Lauren Home Collection

  • Want to go the extra mile, add skull art

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2/ Black lace and old books for a sexy and vintage decor

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3/ “Bling Bling” and sparkly halloween!

  • This one would be a great addition to any halloween decor, after all diamonds are a girl’s best friends! 


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  • Take your brooms and make them sparkle; you will be the glitter witch of your household!

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4/ Light it up! I love candles and sparkly little lights to make a home feel cosy and entertaining – Here are few sweet and fun ideas:



  • Halloween village decorated jars
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  • Mysterious and spooky lighting ideas

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5/ Go bold and add gold:

  • Time to get your spray paint on and turn those boring pumpkins into gold
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  • Gold always adds glam and chic; don’t you think this front porch decor is brilliant? I leave in a Condo, so this decor really leaves me frustrated!

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  • Love these mantels, so glamourous yet all the halloween elements are present (pumpkins, skulls, bats, spiders, boos…)

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6/  Timeless with a black and white themed halloween decor

  • Spooky and vintage black and white decor

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  • Keeping halloween with the Kardashian – Leave it to Kourtney to create a spooky and sophisticated black and white halloween decor!

    Source: Harper’s Bazaar


7/ All white for an ethereal, almost ghostly style

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Source: Harper’s Bazaar


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8/ Keep it traditional with a touch of orange

  • Who would have thought pumpkins could make such an entrance!

    Source: Harper’s Bazaar

  • Love this simple, yet chic idea of filling a lantern or a vase with fall elements

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  • Just add colorful candies to your black and white decor

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  • Mercurized glass always adds glam and vintage to your decor

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  • Studded pumpkin – It is definitely a glamourous version of the traditional orange pumpkin

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  • This mantel is a halloween decor that will never go out of style 🙂

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