My Favorite Holiday Tablescape Ideas


I am sucker for the Holiday season ! It just gives me another excuse to add home decor and temporarily transform my house! It’s also a good excuse to explain my husband why I’m spending money on more and more decorations;) So whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, New Year or just like to decorate your home for the holiday season; here are some of my favorite inspirations to create tablescapes that will impress your guests! Not hosting any party? It’s a merry and fun season so nothing prevents you from adding holiday decorations on your dining table! But before I show you some of my findings, I just want to outline a few Don’ts, in my opinion!

The Dont’s of Entertaining:

  • Plastic and paper everything: It really depends on how many people you are entertaining, I wouldn’t want any one to spend their holidays cleaning up BUT as much as you can, try and avoid plastic or paper cups, cutlery, plates, platters etc… The absolute no; and no matter how many people you have is NO PLASTIC TABLE CLOTH! Just put a nice fabric cloth, runner or some nice placemats, it will make the look of your tablescape instantly more polished! You can find very nice ones for every budget, so there is no excuse. Then if you have a big party and it is just easier to use plastic and paper (really weigh in whether it is necessary), then go for the ones that resembles the most porcelain, glass, crystal and silver (or brass). Too much color and/or patterns will make it look cheesy and cheap. You can also find very nice paper napkins matching your table decor; again, for a chic look, not too many colours and/or patterns.
  • Cardboard centerpieces are an absolute no without discussion! No matter how fun they are, they are way too cheesy!
  • Fresh flowers VS Faux flowers: Fresh flowers are always preferable! Having said that, they usually do not last (it would be nice to have something that last at least throughout the holiday season) and they are expensive. If you have the budget for it, then yes splurge into luscious flower decorations; (see below Kylie Jenner’s Thanksgiving table, it’s just a dream!) – If you have a tighter budget, either try to combine both fresh and faux , or just decorate with faux flowers and petals BUT look for good quality faux flowers; otherwise it looks faux and consequently it looks cheap!



Teen Vogue

  • Avoid any banners and cheesy paper garlands
  • Finally less is more, even when it comes to holiday decor. By this I mean, you can obviously add lights and gold and metallics and colour; it’s holiday decor after all!  But be mindful and don’t mix too many different colours, use deep and rich colours or pastels as opposed to electric and artificial looking colour; do not use too many different patterns etc… For instance: You want a blue and gold decor, go for a rich deep teal or navy; same goes with green, go for a deep emerald/dark green rather than a forest green… You can also go for pastels, they can look very polished when mixed with metallics. You can also use different patterns as long as they are in the same colour palette. Basically, the authentic it looks the classier…


Now here are few inspirations for your holiday table decor:







Live DIY Ideas


Live DIY Ideas


Live DYI Ideas


Live DYI Ideas


a-scandinavian-style-dinner-in-a-greenhouse-coco-kelley-4-667x1000Coco Kelley




Kelly Wearstler





Pinterest / Pottery Barn




prod2320311_h13   Restoration Hardware


Pottery Barn


silver-star-hanukkah-plates-set-of-4-o  West Elm


Martha Moments


Martha Moments

Happy Holidays!

With Love,



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